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Traditional Cylinders — Literature and Support Material

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Promotion Bulletins / Brochures

HY08-0800.01 Hydraulic and Pneumatic Cylinder Products

HY08-0891-B2 Cylinder Solutions – Standard and Custom

HY08-0896-B2 Global Shield™ Coating Technology

HY08-0897-B1 Cylinder Division Conversion 2015, Distributor Information Documents

0991-B1 The Jewel Gland – an exclusive feature of Parker Cylinders

1110-B5 Bolt-On Gland Option Series 2HD and 3HD Heavy Duty Hydraulic Cylinders

HY08-1113-B1 Wavescale – Linear Displacement Transducers

1130-B1 Series 3L Style JJ Medium Duty Hydraulic Cylinders

HY08-1400-B1 Parker Configuration System Quick Reference Guide

HY08-1710-B3 Cylinder Distributor Web Resource Tools and Features

HY08-4000-B2 HAS Hybrid Actuation System, Solar Tracking Solutions


Catalog HY08-0890 Series XFC Extreme Force Electromechanical Cylinders

Catalog HY08-0893 Series ETH High Force Electric Actuators

Catalog HY08-0910 Series 2A / 2AN Heavy Duty Pneumatic Cylinders

Catalog HY08-0914 Series SA Stainless Steel Air Cylinders

Catalog HY08-0915 Series MA Pneumatic Tie Rod Style Cylinders

Catalog HY08-0931 Series 2AJ & 2ANJ, Rod Lock Air Cylinders

Catalog HY08-0948 Series VE Pneumatic Tie Rod Style Cylinders

Catalog HY01-1001 Industrial Hydraulics, Innovative Products and System Solutions

Obsolete Catalog HY08-1114 Series 2H / 2HD, 3H / 3HD (Legacy) Heavy Duty Hydraulic Cylinders

Catalog HY08-1120 Series VH Very Heavy Duty Hydraulic Cylinders

Catalog HY08-1130 Series 3L Medium Duty Hydraulic Cylinders

Catalog HY08-1132 Position Indicating Switches for Hydraulic and Pneumatic Cylinders

Catalog HY08-1137 Series CHE / CHD Compact Hydraulic Cylinders

Catalog HY08-1151 Series HMI Metric Hydraulic Cylinders

Catalog HY08-1175 Series 2HX / 2HDX / 2HBX / 3HX / 3HDX / 3HBX Hydraulic and Electrohydraulic Actuators (For printer-friendly version click here)

Catalog HY08-1300 Cylinder Mounting Accessories

Catalog HY08-1314 Series 2H / 2HD / 2HB & 3H / 3HD / 3HB Heavy Duty Hydraulic Cylinders

Catalog HY08-1320 Series RDH Heavy Duty Hydraulic Roundline Cylinders

Catalog HY08-1330 FAST Series Fatigue and Static Test Actuators


HY08-0890-E1 Series XFC Applications Worksheet

PSM0985-D7 303 & 304 Stainless Steel Rod Limits

PSM0985-G-D8 Required Information for Approval Drawing Request

HY08-1700-E1 Request for Quotation Online Interactive Form – Cylinder Division

HY08-1700-G-E1 Request for Quotation Printable PDF Form

HY08-0845-G-B1 Non Conformance Report


How to Navigate a Parker Catalog

CD Parker Configuration System / Quick Reference Guide

Mounting Cross Reference Sheet

Products / Series

Serial Number Look Up

Technical Coverage Map Technical support contacts map

Parker Seal Kit Master

Parker Legacy to Next Gen Model Code Conversion

Sales Flyers

HY08-0890-B1 Series XFC, Extreme Force Electromechanical Cylinder

HY08-0890-B2 Series XFC, Wind Turbine Pitch Control Cylinder

HY08-0890-B3 Series XFC Electromechanical Success Application

HY08-0895-B1 Rod & Tubing Innovative Solutions

HY08-0991-B2 Parker Crown™ Wiper

HY08-1110-B6 Extreme High Temperature Seal Option – Up to 400°F, Series 2H/2HD, 3H/3HD, 2A and 3L

HY08-1111-B2 Water Submersible Option, Cylinder Division Innovative Solutions

HY08-1132-B1 Series 2H/3L, Magnetic Piston

HY08-1139-B1 Series CHD, High Pressure Compact Hydraulic Cylinders

HY08-1175-B1 Electrohydraulic Cylinders, Ordering an LDT Equipped Cylinder Just Got Smarter

HY08-1300-B1 Cylinder Mounting Accessories

HY08-1320-B1 Series RDH, Heavy Duty Hydraulic Roundline Cylinder

HY08-1320-B2 Series RDH, End-Of-Stroke Position Sensors

HY08-1320-B3 Series RDH, Continuous Position Feedback

HY08-1325-B1 Solar Tracker Cylinders for CSP, Innovative Solutions

HY08-1325-B2 Solar Tracker Cylinders for CPV, Innovative Solutions

HY08-1325-B3 Solar Tracker Cylinders for PV & Heliostats, Innovative Solutions

HY08-1710-B1 Distributor Resources and Tools

HY08-1801-B1 QR Code Gives Instant Access

HY08-4000-B1 HAS Hybrid Actuation System: Active tracking solutions for Solar Tracking

HY08-4000-B4 Hybrid Actuator Series HAS: Self-Contained all-in-one actuation system for Valve Actuation

Service Bulletins

0106-TSD-1 Offer of Sale

0800.01-T1 Cylinder Safety Guide & Storage Information

0805-G-TSD-1 Cylinders with Springs

0805-G-TSD-1-SP Cilindros con resortes (Cylinders with Springs) Spanish version

0830-E2 MA Switch Specifications

0830-E3 Low Amp MA Switch Specifications

0840-B11 Cyl. End of Stroke Proximity Sensor, 2A, 2H, 3L, 3H & HMI Cyl.

0840-G-E1 EPS 5, 6 &7 Dimension Codes

0840-TSD-6 Series 2H & HD EPS-4 Dimension Codes

0840-TSD-7 Series 3L EPS-4 Dimension Codes

0840-TSD-8 Series 2A & 2AN EPS-4 Dimension Codes

HY08-0890-M1 Series XFC Extreme Force Electromechanical Cylinders, Maintenance Instructions

HY08-0890-M2 Gear Mounting Instructions Bulletin

HY08-0890-T1 Series XFC Parallel Gear Installation, Maintenance Instructions

0901-G-B3 Lube A Cyl MSDS

0910-B2 Crustbreaker Cylinder

0910-B3 Counterbalance Cylinder

0910-B5 Piston Bumper Seal Option For Series 2A & 2AN

0910-M1 Series A, 1A & 2A Parts Identification

Service Bulletins (cont.)

0914-G-E1 Generic-Series SA Switch Specifications

0915-M1 Series MA Maintenance Bulletin

0917-B1 Switches

HY08-0931-G-M1 Maintenance and Installation for Rod Lock, Series 2AJ/2ANJ Cylinders

0944-M3 Series VP Bulletin

0947-G-M1 Series VL Cylinders Service Bulletin, for Maintenance and Installation

0948-G-M1 Series VE Air Cylinders for Valve Actuators, Service Bulletin

0990-E5 Cylinder Interchange Chart

0990-E6 Cylinder Interchange Chart

0995-M4 Series 2H 10.00" & 12.00" Bore Gland Cartridge & Rod Seal Kits

0995-M8 Series 2AN & MAN Piston Seal Kits

0995-M9 Series 2AN Gland Cartridge & Rod Seal Kits

0995-M17 Series HMI Parts I.D., Maintenance Instructions & Seal Kits

0995-G-M19 Piston Rod Stud Assembly Instructions

1010-M1 Intensifier Installation & Service Instructions

1110-M3 Series 2H, 2HD, 7.00" & 8.00" Bore 3H & 3HD, VH, HD, 3L & 2A Hyd.& Pneu. Cyls Parts Identification, Maintenance Instructions & Seal Kits

1110-M4 Series 2HD 1.50"-6.00" Bore, Series 3HD 7.00" & 8.00" Bore Parts Identification and Seal Kits

1111-M1 Seal Kits Cylinders for Water Submersible Service

1132-G-T2 Position Indicating Switches - Storage and Maintenance

1137-M1 Series CHE, Compact Hydraulic Cylinder

HY08-1138-G-M1 Series SH / SHG Heavy-Duty Stainless Steel Hydraulic Cylinders

1140-M1 Series HD / HDC Maintenance Bulletin

1160-M2 Series 3H Large Bore Maintenance Bulletin

HY08-1314-B1 Parker Conversion of Legacy 2H/3H Model Number & CPN to Gen II

HY08-1314_M1 Parts Identification and Seal Kits

HY08-1314_M2 Gen II / Legacy Piston Seal Kit Identification

HY08-1320-G-M1 Series RDH Maintenance Instructions, Part Identification & Cylinder Disassembly