Series 2HX / 2HDX / 2HBX
& 3HX / 3HDX / 3HBX

Hydraulic and Electrohydraulic Actuators

Parker heavy duty hydraulic and electrohydraulic actuators Series 2HX/3HX, 2HDX/3HDX and 2HBX/3HBX offer highest initial quality, best in class delivery, optimized performance, extended service life, longer intervals between maintenance and improved serviceability.

Series 2HX/2HDX/2HBX & 3HX/3HDX/3HBX Hydraulic and Electrohydraulic Actuators


  • Improved fatigue life compared to welded flange construction
  • Easier to service than tie rod styles in long strokes
  • Clean appearance improves machine aesthetics
  • Lower weight in long strokes

Aligned to industrial market demands

Industrial Markets

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Series 2HX/2HDX/2HBX & 3HX/3HDX/3HBX Design Improvements Increase Reliability

Class 1 service polyurethane rod wiper, seal and o-rings (rod gland static seal and body end seals) offer superior abrasion and extrusion resistance for longer service life.

High compressive strength non-metallic piston wear rings, that minimize tube scoring, are standard on all configured piston selections.

One common piston is used for 4 piston seal styles. When changing operating conditions require a different seal style, the piston and rod assembly is unchanged.

Cartridge style needle valve with captive micro adjust screw for precision cushion tuning.

Steel head and cap blocks are precision size, finished on all sides and are bored and grooved for concentric alignment of mating parts.

Hardened washers under each tie rod nut prevent galling, ensuring correct tie rod pre-stress and pressure envelope integrity.


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